A Microfiber Mop is the best mop you will ever use. It allows you to clean smarter not harder. You will be amazed at how good it cleans your floors and just how easy and fast it is to accomplish. Use it wet or dry to clean surfaces all over your home. Just water alone will help you to remove 99% of all dirt dust and germs from your floors. It is a low water mopping method because you only need a damp pad to deep clean any hard surface. This aspect makes this type of mop ideal for hardwood floors, tile, linoleum, concrete and much more.

Dry Dust Mopping – Individuals with hardwood flooring love Microfiber Towels since they work so well being a dust mop. To dust, utilize a clean dry multipupose mop pad (the one which includes your mop) or our specialty dusting pad that can hold twice as much. Use it to sweep and dust any type of hard surface floors. Our unique pads develop a static charge when dry that acts like a magnet to attract dust and dirt particles. The tiny fibers lift and pull in dirt, then its held inside the fibers leaving nothing behind. The standard pad works great, but our dusting you might hold more dirt and hair since it has a lot longer fibers. The swivel head on the our mop makes it easy so that you can reach in most hard to reach places like under furniture, between tight spaces, on ceiling fans, and over vents. After you are done dusting, just pull the pad through the mop head, and shake them back in a trash can, rinse clean with warm water, or add in the wash.

Please Be Aware: For the best results, It is recommended to dust mop or sweep a floor with a broom prior to deciding to attempt to clean it with a damp or wet mop head. Dry particles like hair and dust are much easier to clean when dry.

Wet Mopping – Just add water and our microfiber mop becomes the best tool to clean floors of all kinds. It will clean any hard floor with only water. You can utilize your chosen non-bleach cleaner if you want, but the fantastic thing about this mop is that you don’t have to. Just water as well as the specially engineered pad will remove 99% of all dirt, dust and germs. The unique fbers do each of the cleaning so you don’t have to use harsh cleansers to have your floors clean. Utilize it with water alone or apply a jputna quantity of your favorite non-bleach cleanser. The process for damp or wet for mopping, cleaning, and even polishing your floors is easy. And when you are finished ther is no sticky residue, just thoroughly cleaned floors.

Wet the Mop Pad with water underneath the faucet. Wring-out any excess water, and so the pad is left damp. Re-attach the pad for the mop head. Go to mop and clean your floors. Rinse pad clean when finished, or machine wash

It really is safe to use on Hardwood floors, wood laminate floors, tile, linoleum, marble and virtually any other dirty surface you may have. These mops can be utilized with assurance on almost any hard surface in your home or office. They will likely never scratch, and as there are no chemicals involved, you don’t have to worry about bad reactions with different types of flooring. Got not only dirty floors? Our mop can also be used to clean up ceilings, walls, air vents, high windows, ceiling fans, cars, boats, RV’s and much more.

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